January 16th, 2004

Made by: Julie

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Hi! New to the community, but I LOVE WSS. Does anybody happen to have the collector's edition DVD set? My friend taped the movie for me on TCM a week ago, but I really want that DVD! >.

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hey everyone.

I just wanted to leave a post..cause i'm sweet. This years musical for my high school is West Side Story. I'm a youngin' and I didn't expect a good role. This is my first show ever. I got casted as Maria. I have been singing since I was born and I've never acted. I have a lot of fun doing it though. Throughout auditions, i was very scared and nervous. I thought a senior would get Maria. I didn't really care either cause I originally wanted Anita. But anyways, most of the time, our school will give the lead roles to the older upper classmen. I am a sophmore. I'm 15 years old...I'm still in total shock. My first show. I got a lead. it's a great feeling.

West side story is such a beautiful musical. I love the songs, and I love being a part of it. I hope to have a great time during the show..:)

Have a nice day :)
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