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Tanglewood Boston Symphony Orchestra/West Side Story (film) Concert:

Hi again, everybody!

A week ago this past Saturday, I attended a fabulously spectacular Boston Symphony Orchestra/West Side Story concert at Tanglewood, out in Western MA, in the Berkshires. The Boston Symphony Orchestra played a fantastic live rendition of the musical score to the film West Side Story, which added a whole new dimension to an already-great classic movie, of which a beautifully (digitally) restored, High-definition, re-printed, cleaned up and remastered version was shown. Word had it that there were at least 20,000 people at Tanglewood that night. Not surprisingly, with West Side Story being West Side Story, this particular concert sold out, big time, despite the addition of afew extra lawn benches. Fortunately, however, I'd purchased my ticket, in person, at the Boston Symphony Hall box office, and made my room reservation, back in late January of this year, right when tickets for the BSO/WSS Tanglewood concert went on sale to the general public, both of which made a huge difference.

Since I had a ticket for a seat inside the shed at Tanglewood, and had ordered a bag-lunch/dinner to go, way in advance, everything was great, and I had nothing to worry about. This fabulous evening, however, was preceded by a (mis) adventure; the unexpected break-down of my car, at a service plaza 26 miles from Tanglewood. At the advice of the guy behind the country, I called the State Police, who, in turn, gave me the number of a towing company, known as Red's Towing, who I called immediately. What saved my weekend was the arrival 45 minutes later of a young guy driving a flatbed tow truck at the plaza where I was, after having told the Towing company of my whereabouts. The young man who was driving the tow truck asked me where I was going and what I was going to see, so I told him about the concert. After calling afew car repair places in Wsstern MA and finding them closed, the tow-truck driver called a Munro car repair place not far from Tanglewood, and a bit up the street from the inn where I was to stay for the night after the Tanglewood concert.

My car was towed to the Munro's car repair place just a little bit up the street from the inn where I stayed that night, and I was dropped off at the inn by the tow truck driver. I thanked the tow-truck driver, paid the cost of the towing (which was 92 dollars!), entered the repair shop and told the manager of the shop what had gone on. As the manager had said, he called me just before closing for the night, and told me that a pulley to the A/C compressor had frozen, causing my car to die, that it would be four days before they'd be able to get the part, and that it would be a $650.00 repair job. I thanked the manager for calling me back so quickly.

The Boston Symphony Orchestra/West Side Story was a great concert. There was an exuberant crowd, and much applause and finger-snapping took place after each WSS number, leading me to believe that there were a great many New Yorkers in the audience. (Boston audiences, btw, enjoy West Side Story just as much as New Yorkers, despite being somewhat more reserved, so that's okay.) The concert was 2.5 hours long, had a 20-minute intermission and ended at about 11:00 that night. What a way to spend a Saturday night; seeing one's favorite movie and hearing a live rendition of the musical score played by a famous orchestra (i. e. the Boston Symphony Orchestra, to boot!)

Everything was crowded, the traffic was high, and having had to take a taxi cab to the concert due to my not having a car, it was all very well that I didn't have my car that night. So, I hoofed it partway back to the inn where I was staying for the night, and, believe it or not, when I asked a cop how far I still had to go to the inn where I was staying, he answered that I had at least 3 or 4 miles to go, and gave me a ride the rest of the way! All told, it had been a fabulous night!

Getting back home to Boston the next day was much more arduous. My dead car had to be towed back to Boston, without question. No car rentals were open, except a Hertz rental, which was 8 miles further west, in Pittsfield, MA, there were no buses back to Boston from Lenox, and none of the Berkshires area towing companies would to all the way from Lenox, MA to Boston, MA. Finally, I called the Honda dealer back in Boston (where I'd purchased my car ten years before), and they gave me the name of a towing company that they used. They'd have to come all the way out there, and tow it back to the dealer, and that I could get a ride back to Boston with the driver. I waited, since I had no other choice, and the 2.5 hour wait that they'd predicted turned out to be over 4 hours, but I eventually got back to Boston.

Fortunately, all was not lost on that weekend. A fabulous concert, and very pretty scenery on the way to and from Tanglewood made it all worthwhile! I was glad to have attended and been a part of this great thriller of a concert!
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