petzipellepingo (petzipellepingo) wrote in westsidestory,

I finished reading Rita Moreno : a Memoir , which has one chapter on West Side Story . Nothing especially new revealed: ... she talks about how she found someone who played Anita in a road company tour and had her teach Anita's steps so that she could do a good job in her interview; how Jerome Robbins was a terrible taskmaster and how he had to be fired because he just couldn't say "Cut and print"; how Natalie Wood didn't mix with the other cast members; how all the other dancers were more young and fit than Anita; the fact that all the members of the Sharks had to wear the same dark makeup even though actual Puerto Ricans come in various shades and lastly, how she was suffering from a thyroid condition at that time and had trouble controlling her eyes from popping out.
Tags: 1961 film, anita, books, rita moreno
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