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Quirky west side facts that everyone probably already knows

So I found this forum where there are a lot of West Side fans, and I laugh whenever I read any weird posts, like "Here is a random fact for you guys. Richard Beymer, Tony in the movie version played God in a movie i watched in religion. it was really funny, because he had an awesome 80's hairstyle"

Bloopers from the same forum (from shows that other people put on):

~ During the scene before cool, instead of saying, a red hot umbrella and and open it, our Riff said, a red hot golf club which we all found hilarious and tried to stop laughing during the whole song.

~ During Cool we didn't have alot of room so a few nights someone would run into a chair and it would go flying across the stage.

~ After Maria's scene before Dance at the Gym. during the scene change one of the manequins (sp?) fell off and was their during the whole beginning of the dance

~ When we did the show last year, our gun didn't always cooperate.... Our Chino would try to shoot it and instead of going off, it would just make a clicking noise- he had to pull the trigger about 2-3 times on average to make a noise. One night, our Tony thought the gun had gone off and fell into my arms before the gun actually went off!!!

~ I saw a production where Tony was climbing out the window in the scene when he escapes as Anita is trying to come in, and he made the entire wall shake. And not just a little bit. It was definitely swaying forward and backward for several seconds. Talk about a disaster averted.

~ One night, when Maria was threatening Action at the end of a performance, the gun went off accidentally, so Action fell over dead and after the guys had carried off Tony, they came back for Action.

~ I saw a production where the Maria got caught in her wedding veil during Somewhere and as a result some slightly profane dialogue that wasn't exactly in the script was accidentally whispered . . .

Yeah, I'm bored again - but they're cute.
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