Don't Want to Fall in Love (dntwnnfllnlv) wrote in westsidestory,
Don't Want to Fall in Love

Hey guys

Okay, some stuff about me- My name's Anna. I'm 15 from Maine. I loved west side story the first time I saw it. WE actually watched it in school and read it in class too. My favorite songs are the songs with the Jets- it's more boppy and upbeat, and fun. I love Ice, Baby John, and A-rab.  I read somewhere that David Winters originally created teh character Baby Johm, so yeah, there's a bit of information if case you didn't know. 

Few quick questions

1- Does ANYONE have icons of Tucker Smith/Ice, Baby John/Eliot Field, David Winters/A-rab?  They would be greatly appreciated.  I could go back like, five months or something and look for them, but, due to school, work, and all my extra-curricular stuff, I don't have that kind of time.

2- I'm attempting to make some icons.  Does anyone have some good sites where I can find pictures of the above listed?

3- Can anyone de-water mark pictures?  I can't.

4-Edoes anyone know if on the soundtrack it's Tucker Smith or Russ Tamblyn doing the Jet Song?  I say it's Tucker, but the CD case says Tamblyn.

And randomly- is it wrong I listen to number 12 (Tonight, the four part one) over and over just to hear Ice say "Right" two times and "123?"

Thanks guys


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