petzipellepingo (petzipellepingo) wrote in westsidestory,

Just Finished A Fascinating Book

Leonard Bernstein: West Side Story (Landmarks in Music Since 1950) by Nigel Simeone.

It details Leonard Bernstein's involvement with the musical, along with side mentions of Jerome Robbins, Arthur Laurents and especially Stephen Sondheim. One of the more interesting parts, to me anyway, was the discussion of songs not included in the final product. The most fascinating was a song called Kids Ain't, later changed to Like Everybody Else, which was written for Anybodys, A-rab and Baby John. You can actually hear this song on a cd entitled Lost in Boston .

Other interesting tidbits include the fact that Warren Beatty tried out for Riff (and later for Tony in the film version), Jerry Orbach tried out for Chino and Suzanne Pleshette for Maria.
Tags: 1957 broadway, books, leonard bernstein, music
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