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Has anyone else noticed the abundance of WSS songs in comercials?
Ok, I lied, only two, but I don't see South Pacific with two songs in commercials!! So take that Bloody Mary!!

One is "I Feel Pretty" and the other is "Somewhere".
I can't recall the commercials, because my mind works like that, but I remember "Somewhere" has something to do with medical things or something.

That and I've been a member of this community for a long time and I've only done one whimpy assed job of saying what I've about.

So I'm 16, I live in Illinois... I am a band geek (I play Flute, Piano, Sax but I have played Clarinet and Oboe). I enjoy playing in (concert) bands the most. This year, the community band that I am in even did a WSS medoly. Too bad it wasn't very good :(, the arrangement just wasn't all it should of been.

When I'm not praticing (which I have a way of procrastinating out of), I like to do random things with my friends. We live in a really small town, so we find ways to entertain ourselves (Like tomorrow, we are going to the 'cities' and going to the zoo! Whoot!).

I also like to take pictures with my digital camera. Too bad my camera is being a huge whiny bitch right now, or I'd take picture for you guys.

I don't remember when I first saw WSS... I remember when I was little, it was one of my favorite musicals (next to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers)... I abonded musicals throughout my Jr. High years... Then one random day during lunch, "America" popped into my head, and I've found a way to relove WSS all over again. Fame is one of my other favorite movies, along with the Lord of the Rings and other random musicals.

If you read this, congratulations! You get a cookie!

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