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#1 WSS fan

hey all!

im Andrea and im 16

-- i absolutely LOVE WSS!

i know every word in the play and can perform some songs on the guitar.. my friends think im obsessed.. i like to think of it as health appreciation on a MASTERPIECE! HArd to find a lot of people that love wss... sure, im a fan of modern musicals (big fan of Rent and i like avenue Q) but WSS is a classic that changed all musicals to come! its raised the bar and borught back some of the popularity musicals had lost!

ANYWAY-- i'd love to talk to any big WSS fans out there! haven't found a bigger fan but i would love to! AIM oOAndrea51Oo email:

(i dont update my journal much.. i joined lj to post on mean_n_green community.. drop by to see my BattleBot... thats right, i build 120lb ROBOTS)
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