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Happy 50th, West Side Story! :)

All these picspams are coming out of order, I know, but apparently the Barbies decided they wanted to reenact "Cool" next. Can't really blame them, either. A couple previews, then the jump!

Hello, Ice!

And co.:

For some reason the shot is reversed from what actually happens in the movie, but since it's a promo photo (and my Velma!Barbie's arms bend the other way anyway) I decided to use this shot for reference. Heh.

A dark figure approaches. Who can it be?

Why, it's Ice, my very favorite character-created-just-for-this-moment-character of all time! Hello, Ice!
[Now, that's not very nice.]

Ice: ::point:: I meant them.
[Kindly ignore the fact that half the Jets are apparently hiding from Ice, in favor of sending out their girls instead. We're on a budget here. -.-;]

Ice: Or actually, this guy.
Ice: Stop yelling! Don't worry, be happy! LAUGH, ACTION, LAUGH!
Action: Why?
Ice: Just laugh.
Action: What, you mean like him?

A-Rab: Ahahahahaha! Ha! Haaaaa!
Ice: Oh dear. There, there, A-Rab.
Action: At least he's not doing his spazzy dance, I guess.

Ice: Too late.
Action: Could still be worse. At least his crazy hasn't gotten to anyone else.

A-Rab: Hiya, chicks!
Ice: Oh, hell.

Ice: Action, I need you to shut up now. Velma, what are you and Graziella and Minnie doing?
Velma: Oh, hi, honey! We're just doing yoga.
Ice: Yoga?
Velma: Yes! It's good for the back. And also every other muscle Jerry Robbins ever had the idea of abusing.

Velma: Also, you're usually in too much pain afterwards to even think about giving Jet leaders any trouble. Look at Minnie and Graz! I think they're stuck.
Ice: Hmm. You may have an idea there. Oh, Jets?


::many hours later::

Ice: Okay, now that you're in touch with your inner self and all that, let's go.
Action: My inner self wants to punch you in the face for this. I don't care if we can all do man-splits; this is just cruel.
Baby John: And unusual!
Ice: Suck it up kids, we gotta go leave through the ominously named exit door.

Big Deal: After you, cap.
Ice: Sissies.

Ice: Anyway. Action, what did we learn tonight?
Action: That I hate yoga.
Ice: Sigh. Anything else?
Action: Well...

Action: That I should stop and think before I clobber someone?
Ice: Wow, Action, that's great! I think I can see a real change in you!
Action: And when that doesn't work—
Ice: You'll establish a conflict resolution procedure to work peacefully through your differences and make a better tomorrow?
Action: Already got one.
Ice: Which is?
Action: POW. The end!
Ice: Sigh.

Fun stuff:

- the Jewel Tea Co. van was made out of cardboard and lots of tape. It's modeled on the first one in the garage, and it's a little undersized, but it was hard finding a box big enough to take apart and reconstruct, bah. There are rearview mirrors and the headlights (tape in front of a cutout) do light up, yay! (There's a light inside all that empty space in the van. How convenient!) Also, craft knives are awesome.
- I really wanted to do more fun poses like the man-splits and the Jet Armadillo of Doom, but those were beyond both me and the poor dolls, lol.
- Aside from a couple staging things and missing dancing, I tried to make this as accurate/faithful as possible with the clothes and set. That door really does say "NO EXIT" in the film. Don't ask me why, for I do not know. -.-
- Doll info: Ice is a Harley Davidson giftset Ken, Action is a Miguel from a Spanish-language telenovela thing Mattel partnered with (same line as the Anita I have), A-Rab is a vintage Allan, Baby John is a HSM Ryan, Graziella and Velma are from the Barbie Fashion Model Collection, Minnie (white ribbon headband) is the bobby-soxer from the Frank Sinatra giftset, Bernice is a vintage bubblecut reproduction, and Big Deal is...I have no idea. He had a shell necklace, but other than his head popping off all the time, I don't know much about him. Feel free to ask!
- I may end up editing both photos and captions, since for various reasons I'm not really happy with either.

Anyway, hope you enjoy! Next up is possibly "America," though as usual it would be missing a few boys. -.-

Tags: 1961 film, 1961-2011 anniversary celebration, a-rab, action, baby john, cool, graphics, homage, ice, the jets
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